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Luminous Tress 



Extravagantly long sleeves embody strength, empowering you to illuminate your unique path.

A tale of self-discovery, empowerment, and hidden magic. Delicate light-up features symbolise healing power, casting a soft glow that mirrors your inner radiance.

Mixed fabrics and 3D lace that radiate the layers within her that she embraces with pride.

Classic colour inspired by one of our most looked up to Disney princesses.

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Design Inspiration: A fusion of strength and magic within you.

Let your hidden magic shine. The Luminous Tress Gown is an invitation to embrace the enchantment within, to wear a gown that goes beyond the ordinary, telling a story of strength, empowerment, and the journey that awaits. Illuminate your path and let the radiance of the gown mirror the brilliance that resides within you.

A hidden power waiting to illuminate the world

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